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1 November 2021

First Time Buyer

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Bigger And Better: The Advantages Of Buying A New Home Through A Large Home Builder

Want to buy a new home? You have a few choices - but not all of them are the right ones. From affordable small housing developments to building your own from scratch, there are many tempting options which may lead you down a path you could regret.

Buying a house is no small investment. For many, especially young first time buyers, it’s a defining moment in their lives: one that requires a lot of thought, and a lot of planning. For many, their life savings could be tied up in their home. So how do you know you’ve chosen the right one?

When it comes to new houses, opting to purchase with a large, nationally recognised home builder with a stellar reputation is the best choice for you and your growing family.

Enhanced Help-to-Buy scheme extended to 2022

The best news for first-time-buyers in this years budget is the extension of the Help-to-Buy scheme to the end of 2022. The Help-to-Buy scheme has been crucial in facilitating greater numbers of first-time buyers to make their first step onto the property ladder.

Investing in a recognised name, with friendly staff who have years of expertise, offers a host of benefits for new homebuyers - ones that tap into a larger, nationwide network of professionals and valuable connections, ones that can help the home buying process go much smoother.

For example, the help-to-buy scheme is available to all people hoping to get on the property ladder in Ireland. In short:

● It’s a tax rebate scheme provided by the Irish government for first-time homebuyers;

● The funds will go towards your deposit;

● You can get up to €30,000;

● To qualify, you must not have previously bought or built a house or apartment, either on your own or jointly with any other person;

● If you are buying or building new property with other people, they must also be first-time buyers.

If all of this looks intimidating to you, you’re not alone. Despite the government offering considerable financial incentives, many first time buyers ignore the help-to-buy scheme, or simply don’t know about it.

Ray Palmer-Smith is Head of New Homes at Knight Frank, and he’s helped many first-time buyers take advantage of the scheme. “It definitely helps first-time buyers in terms of speeding up the process for them. Because you're getting part of your deposit from a tax rebate, it eliminates the need to save up a large deposit. Often, first-time buyers are trying to save while paying an exorbitant rent. So the help to buy scheme really helps to shorten how long they have to spend.”

When it comes to getting your application in, expressing an interest in Glenveagh properties means you’ll have advisors on hand to help you get things moving. “Applying to the scheme can still be quite a lengthy process,” says Ray, “so we try and make sure that you get that application in straight away.”

Why Glenveagh?

The advantages of buying with a large, nationally recognised property firm like Glenveagh are many. Ronan McKenna is the Sales Director at Glenveagh, and the part he most enjoys about his job is helping first-time buyers get on the property ladder.

“We encourage people to register and then come and see us as early as they can,” he says. “Tell us that you're looking for a house and we'll help you along that journey. We’ll help you get where you need to be.”

Glenveagh is involved in property developments across Ireland, and their estate in Balbriggan is one of the most impressive. “One advantage is if you register your interest early, we can help to find exactly the right house for you.”

But the advice doesn’t begin and end at the house itself. “We’re on hand throughout the whole journey,” Ronan goes on. “From helping you with your financing, getting the bank working for you, introducing you to our network of solicitors and mortgage brokers.”

After you settle in

When going with a new home scheme, a large portion of residents is moving into the development at the same time. That means everyone is starting on the same page, there is a communal atmosphere, and you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people you can build relationships with. You can really help to shape the community. At Glenveagh we invest in our communities.

Sam Gormley and Hannah White have just bought a new build property in Balbriggan and were pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the neighbours. “There’s a real sense of community here,” says Sam. “A real friendly atmosphere.”

“Absolutely,” Hannah agrees. “There’s a lot of dog walkers, and a WhatsApp group and a Facebook group, as well as the residents’ group. We put up decorations for Christmas and Halloween. It's nice to know who your neighbours are. And to know that if you have a problem, you can just run across the road for help.”

Going through a large home builder like Glenveagh is the best way to start my home buying process, for so many reasons. And it’s easy to start right now, just by registering your interest. The friendly experts at Glenveagh will be happy to guide you through the process from start to finish. Take a look at our developments in your county.

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