Glenveagh | Why New Build Homes Provide The Easier Option For New Homebuyers
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16 July 2021

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Why New Build Homes Provide The Easier Option For New Homebuyers

Pros and Cons of New Build Homes

What are the pros and cons of buying a newly built home? When you’re new to the home buying process and make it known you’re planning to buy, you may be beset by well-meaning friends and relatives who have their own opinions about buying new versus an older home.

When we talk about second-hand homes, we don’t always mean period properties: any older home can have anything from one, two or many previous owners. A new build is one that is newly finished, where you may have a say in the floorings and accessories your home includes, and where you’re the first owner.

The truth is, while many people have been burned by new build properties which come with problems, buying with a reputable construction expert is the key to getting your money’s worth and avoiding headaches down the line. At Glenveagh we have a dedicated Quality Team that ensures rigorous quality control measures across every home we build.

New homes are ideal for first-time buyers

Ray Palmer-Smith is the Head of New Homes at Knight Frank, and his years of experience with first-time buyers have led him to believe new homes are perfect to those on the first rung of the housing ladder.

“If you look at buying a second-hand home there are always associated costs you won’t see in the listing price,” he explains. “An older home may not need major renovation work straight away, but eventually it will. Replacing a roof or a boiler, for example, can run into thousands.”

It's much easier to predict costs on a new home, they’re also more geared to a modern lifestyle. This means you won’t have to make modifications to your way of living or your room layout to enjoy a relaxing home. Repairs and maintenance costs are less likely with a new build too.

At Glenveagh, we're now pre-installing fibre optic broadband infrastructure with SIRO to ensure that your home office is ready to go from day one.

Although many of their homes feature smart tech, the best money-saving modern innovations lie below the surface.

Ronan McKenna is Sales Director at Glenveagh. Over his time at the company, he’s seen subtle design changes in the layouts of the homes they build to reflect modern ways of life: more office space as people work from home, spare rooms for guests to stay over, integrated appliances and more.

Recently, people are looking more at houses’ commutability to work,” he says. “As well as the overall space within the house or in the garden. They also consider the lifestyle they're going to have around that home and in the community. So, like what facilities are available, the bank, the post office, the local GP, sports clubs and more. The most efficient, modern insulation is obviously going to help you in terms of the energy rating, which is going to reduce your running costs,” Ray explains. “All your utilities are going to be brand new, no leaks and operating at full performance. And smart meters help you save even more money on a daily basis.”

A-rated homes & like-minded communities

All newly built homes in Ireland are A-rated. This saves you money, as well as being better for the environment. You won’t have to live with a leaky old roof, draughty windows or noisy pipes. New build homes are future-proofed - meaning you’ll still be able to get a good price if you decide to sell down the line.

When you buy a new build property, it’s likely that most people around you will be first-time buyers as well. This means that you’ll be moving into a ready-built community of like-minded people.

Sam Gormley and Hannah White have just bought a new build property with Glenveagh, and couldn’t be happier. “There’s a real sense of community here,” says Sam. “A real friendly atmosphere.” “Absolutely,” Hannah agrees. “There’s a lot of dog walkers, and a WhatsApp group and a Facebook group, as well as the residents’ group. It's nice to know who your neighbours are. And to know that if you have a problem, you can just run across the road for help.”

Join a thriving community life

First-time buyers are looking to new builds more and more, and not just to take advantage of the help to buy scheme. The benefits are well known to new homeowners like Sam and Hannah, who look forward to putting down roots and nurturing a new but very real sense of home.

At Glenveagh, the vast majority our homes are eligible for the Help To Buy scheme, meaning you will pay little or no deposit on your new home.

We aim to build flourishing communities by focusing our investment on initiatives that can improve the lives of our residents and the lives of the wider community through six strategic pillars: Charity, Local Economy, Sports & Fitness, Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing and Education.