Moving-In Advice

Ledwill Park

It’s the thrill of that key in your hand! Opening the front door of your new home for the first time ever is one of the most life-affirming experiences. It’s time to stand back, celebrate, and truly savour the moment.

You’re putting down roots, and creating new memories. You’ve been given an opportunity to love where you live in a new community, with endless possibilities ahead of you.

It’s now time to put your own individual shape on your style of living from the start. You’re guaranteed to feel slightly overwhelmed, especially if you’re a first time buyer. But a little forethought will set the tone and lower those stress levels from the start.

With a bit of practical planning, you’ll be able to streamline the process, minimise unforeseen stumbling blocks and ease the entire transition.

Box cleverly

You’ve spent months of hard work fulfilling the criteria for your mortgage, and now this is the time that you can finally dare to dream. You’ve demonstrated your discipline, organisation and planning skills in taking the steps to secure a new home. This is your chance to prove that it’s actually possible to make that move fun!

Whether you’re using a professional relocation service or going at it alone, be ruthless about what you’re taking with you. Don’t hesitate to let go of items you don’t use anymore. Pack well, label those boxes and put them in the right rooms so that you can take your time on the other side and unpack at your own pace.

‘Must-haves’ for the first few days

Seasoned house experts all point to one piece of advice for a positive experience -preparation. The good news is that you can do most of the hard work even before moving in. With Glenveagh, you know that you’re already in a sustainable, state-of-the-art home in a great area.

Make those first few nights more comfortable by thinking about exactly what you’ll need and pack a ‘survival kit’. Kettles, toasters, tea/coffee, phone chargers, bottle openers, mugs, washing up liquid, plates and cutlery, first-aid kit, bottled water, pyjamas, toothbrushes, cleaning products, canned food, important documents...The list goes on. And, oh, don’t forget fresh bed linen, duvets, and pillows for your first good night’s sleep!

The trick is to get technical

Whether you’re moving in alone, as a couple or with a family, the trick is to get technical. You’ll already know that your Glenveagh home is covered with a 1 year Homebond Structural Guarantee. Do the reading and research and don’t be afraid to ask questions and drill into the details of all aspects of your new home, including the interior and exterior before you move in.

Get to know your systems and equipment - from heating and electrical to lighting systems and controls. This will stop you from getting overwhelmed if you can do this in advance. Compile contact details for the local electrician, plumber and useful businesses. Do a few walk throughs of the house so that you get to know every aspect from the fuse box to the water valve!

The kitchen is king

Whether you’ve sourced your kitchen table or not, one of the first things it’s likely that you’ll want to do is either open a bottle of bubbly or put on the kettle. You’ll have a whole suite of fantastic new appliances to enjoy, so again have the research done before you move in.

The kitchen is king when it comes to settling in - learn the controls of your fridge and oven. If you haven’t time to plan the first few meals, ensure that your local takeaways and food delivery services are available on speed dial!

Pet proofing

If you have pets it’s worth considering a few days in kennels or asking some friends to take care of them just to relieve the pressure. If your family companion is moving in with you on the first night, ensure the house and boundaries are secure. Perhaps consider investing in a crate, as the unfamiliar sounds and scents can be traumatic, and might leave them unsettled.

Conversations with children

If children feel secure, they’ll settle in much more quickly. Make sure to surround them with some of their favourite toys, and include them in conversations around the move. It’s helpful to get to know the area in advance with them so that they can look forward to their new adventure.

Don’t forget to get details for the local doctor and dentist before you move. Have their devices and books ready, and ensure to do a walkabout to ensure the house and garden are childproof. Put on some relaxing music to soothe everyone!

And breathe …Take a walk

Don’t forget that one of the reasons you chose your new home was because of the surroundings. You’ll be busy sorting out the change of address for utilities, broadband, television and energy providers, redirecting your mail and getting to know the local shops, but take time to also enjoy getting to know your new neighbourhood on foot - and all the new potential friends that you’ll meet!

At Glenveagh, we want you to enjoy the magic of moving in. We’re with you every step of the way and believe in delivering exceptional value and care to all our clients. It’s of the utmost importance to us that you love living in your new home. If you have any queries or need any further information, our team would be delighted to hear from you at

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