Greencare by Glenveagh

Greencare is Glenveagh's dedicated expert maintenance team who ensure that public spaces in all new Glenveagh developments are cared for to the highest standards allowing residents to enjoy the space outside their front door with peace of mind.

What does Greencare do?

Greencare team members carry out much of the following work on a daily basis and also assist the wider Glenveagh team in community and resident's events and initiatives. Greencare carries out this work with a strong environmentally friendly approach as well as promoting biodiversity whenever possible.
  • General Maintenance of Glenveagh developments

    Litter Picking, Cutting, Cleaning and Maintenance of Glenveagh Development Signage.

  • Planting and Landscape Care in developments

    Placement of Bark Mulch, Weeding, Planting, Tree Care, Fertilising and Hedge Trimming.

  • Biodiversity and Community Events

    Greencare assists in the promotion of Biodiversity and Glenveagh community initiatives and resident's events.