Nature Hero Awards

Proudly sponsored by Glenveagh

Glenveagh are proud sponsors of The Nature Hero Award, Ireland’s first, standalone outdoor learning award.

It is a mark of excellence for schools that recognises exceptional work by pupils and staff to help nature. ​The aim of the achievement is to create an educational space that nurtures a love of nature, develops a knowledge of our biodiversity and encourages action to help it locally. It covers many topics such as school gardening, biodiversity conservation, ecological literacy, responsible citizenship as well as physical and mental wellbeing. The award is delivered together with our schools’ partner, Biodiversity in Schools - Ireland's biodiversity education organisation for young people.

How it works:

  • Register your School

    From September registrations will be open to primary schools.

  • Confirm your registration

    Once registration is confirmed, download the checklist and complete tasks.

  • Closing date

    The closing date for applications is in March so plenty of time to complete checklist!