Glenveagh | Community Living at Taylor Hill with Hemerson Macalão Ramos
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5 February 2021


Community living at Taylor Hill with Hemerson Macalão Ramos

In little more than two years since its launch, Taylor Hill has become one of the most desirable estates in Balbriggan due to the distinct design of our houses, attractive public spaces – well-kept streets and community landscaped open greens – as well as the extensive post-sales support from Glenveagh Homes. All these factors explain why my partner and I chose to buy our first home here back in 2018, but for us, the main differential between Taylor Hill and other areas in which we had lived, is its unparalleled community spirit.

Balbriggan is a young and diverse town, growing at a fast pace thanks to a series of investments from the public and private sectors. Our neighbours, and Glenveagh, understand that this is a unique moment for our town, and we have worked together to create a strong sense of community within our estate. Many of us in Taylor Hill are first-time homeowners and are eager to foster community bonds. We want to feel connected to our community, work together to improve our area and, ultimately, set down roots in our home. The close relationship between Glenveagh and Taylor Hill residents has already had a profoundly positive effect on our little community. Increasingly, more and more of our neighbours want to get involved, we know each other by name and watch out for one another and the landscaping already undertaken is beginning to acclimate and bud. The collaboration between Taylor Hill and Glenveagh Homes will almost certainly generate long-lasting and positive effects on our estate and our town.

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Last year, the Taylor Hill Residents Association created a project called “The Pollinators’ Walk.” Our intention was to create a pollinator-friendly corridor in the southern entrance of the estate and, hoping to collaborate with Glenveagh on same, we presented the project to our then foreman, Michael Hutton. A few weeks later we received the wonderful news that Glenveagh would plant wildflower beds and then donate mature trees to the project. “The Pollinators’ Walk” was subsequently chosen as a winner of the “Communities4Environment” competition run by Fingal County Council and with a monetary reward of two thousand euro towards the costs of the project.

Since its inception in May 2020 the Taylor Hill Residents Association (THRA) – has undertaken a host of community-orientated initiatives, including donating dog collar bag dispensers to tackle dog fouling within the estate and its environs; sponsoring a Halloween and a Christmas decoration competition; promoting a bulb planting initiative where more than 2000 daffodil, tulip and crocus bulbs were donated and planted by our neighbours; and organising a series of clean-up events where ‘Taylor Hillers’ of all ages litter-pick on a regular basis.

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In 2021, the THRA tendered successfully for anther Fingal Co. Council initiative, the Clonard Brook Revitalization Project, with a grant to help the reclamation and revitalisation of Clonard brook, which immediately abuts the estate. This project is the second large scale, community-driven biodiversity project undertaken by Taylor Hill Residents. The 200m long area is located beside Taylor Hill and had become grossly overgrown in recent years. We hope to deliver a reimagined public space, clearing the water stream and planting more than one hundred native trees and bushes in the next few months.

The pandemic has hit all of us. Across the world and indiscriminately, communities of people have been directly affected. Expedited by these difficult times, the world is experiencing a grassroots redefinition of what “community” actually means: more than just a geographical location, communities are defined by practices that are based on sustained and engaged concern for the wellbeing of others. In this sense, Glenveagh’s relationship with its customers at Taylor Hill promotes bringing ‘people,’ in a larger sense of that word too, together; of building the infrastructure that will hold up and shape our community for generations to come.

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