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26 July 2021

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How to create a bedroom where you’ll always feel relaxed with designer Aoife Tobin

With the average person spending approximately one third of their life asleep, having a peaceful spot to rest your head is quite significant, to say the least.

We all know the importance of having a comfortable mattress and pillow, but what other elements make for an ideal bedroom?

While it may be easy to get wrapped up in the design elements – especially if it’s your first home – there are many other factors to take into consideration when creating a calm (and functional) sleeping space.

According to Aoife Tobin, interior architect and designer at Style So Simple, the easiest way to achieve this is by dedicating the time to planning the space. Below, Aoife shared her top tips for achieving a hotel-worthy bedroom zone…

Think about where you place your bed

Your bed is likely to be the focal point in your room, and its position is highly important, says Aoife. “For your bed location, I usually suggest trying to keep it away from the same wall as the door and have it on the opposite wall if possible, but not so that when you open the door the bed is directly in front of the entrance. There’s an element of feng shui about this, but it’s also a much more comfortable setting.”

Compromise on flooring

If you’re torn between choosing carpet or wood floors in the bedroom, Aoife has the ideal solution: “With couples, usually one person wants carpet and one person doesn’t. So a middle ground that I’ve found a lot of couples and families go with is choosing wood or a faux wood floor and then getting a really nice large area rug so it’s comfortable when you’re stepping out into it in the morning. There are great options there now for very large area rugs that are quite inexpensive.”

Invest in your bed and bedding

Whether you prefer a firm mattress or something you can sink into each night, Aoife says taking time to find the right mattress to invest in will pay off in the long term. “For the bed, it’s not even the bed frame that you need to invest in, it’s the mattress. Whatever it is that you need for your personal comfort, the mattress is the one thing that I’d invest in.”
Another area to spend extra cash on, if possible, is bedding, says Aoife. “Bedding is something that I’d always put an extra bit of time into thinking about what I actually want and put that little bit of extra money into it. With bed linen, the higher the thread count, the better. I’d always recommend going with a simple white set and then you can add colour through your accent cushions and your throws.”

Be smart with storage

When viewing any room as a blank slate, Aoife recommends planning for clever hidden storage options. This is even more important in the bedroom, she says, as you don’t want to be surrounded by clutter as you’re trying to unwind.

“Storage beds are so handy for those larger items that you don’t need day-to-day, like duvet covers, bedsheets and towels…. It just saves so much on space.”

Pay attention to lighting

A hugely important factor when planning your new bedroom, says Aoife, is lighting. “It’s all about creating a cosy ambience. So let’s say your side table lamps or if you have wall lights above the side table, choose warm LED bulbs over white. They’re much more cosy.”
As for your main light, you might want to avoid putting it right in the middle of the room. “In a bedroom, the centre pendant should be centred to the bed, and positioned more towards the bottom of the bed.”

Choose colours carefully 

Colours play a huge part in any room, and this applies even more when it comes to your sleeping space, notes Aoife. “Keep colours calm and soothing, not colours that will cause a lot of stimulation.
She recommends avoiding reds, in particular, and opting for muted tones if possible. “A neutral palette is always lovely in a calmer space.”

When that’s all done and you’re settled into your new place, don’t blame us if you struggle to get out of bed in the mornings.

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