7 April 2022

What Is the Most Energy Efficient Way to Heat Your Home?

What is a heat Pump?

Heat pumps have become an popular choice among Irish energy customers, they can handle your homes heating and cooling needs efficiently and effectively. They save money on energy bills, they're low maintenance and they have comparatively low operating costs. Heat pumps use electricity but they don't need oil, gas, coal or any other fossil fuels. For this reason, they're better for the environment and help reduce air pollution.

A heat pump is a device that allows you to heat, cool, dehumidify and purify your home. It does this by distributing heat that is already in the air. In the summer your heat pump extracts the heat inside your home via air vents in every room and then transfers this heat outside. In the winter it transfers ambient heat from the air outdoors to inside your home.

Heat pumps heat your home by moving thermal energy in opposite directions of heat flow by absorbing heat from warm spaces and releasing it in cooler place. The primary function of a heat pump within a modern energy efficient home is space heating via warm air convectors, radiators, underfloor heating system which provides you with both heating and hot water for your daily needs.

Heat pumps are much cheaper to operate than direct electric heaters, oil burners, burning coal etc. Heat pumps also reduce your carbon footprint as they have no on-site carbon emissions, unlike your regular conventional boiler-based heaters. When connected to renewable energy sources, heat pumps are completely emissions free. This means heat pumps are extremely effective in reducing your homes carbon footprint. The greatest advantage of is that you don’t have to worry about turning them on and off. You leave the heat pump running and your house stays at a comfortable temperature.