Our Communities

Our Communities

Building Lasting Communities

At Glenveagh, our vision is to deliver beautiful modern homes in flourishing communities. We enhance the lives of our customers, and the environment that surrounds them, as part of our Building Lasting Communities proposition.


To add lasting value to communities we build in by delivering high quality homes at affordable prices across Ireland and in doing so, enhancing the lives of people within our communities.

Our Community Promise

Investing in Our Communities.
We strive for sustainability in our homes and in our communities. In every step from planning to post-sales, we drive efficiency, reduce our carbon footprint and support biodiversity.
Sustainable communities
We take pride in restoring listed and protected features such as stone walls and hedgerows. Where possible we integrate sustainable infrastructure; including EV charge points, cycle lanes, walking routes, community playgrounds and sports facilities.
Local Engagement
We collaborate with partners locally to understand their needs, their objectives and their overall community vision. To make a lasting impact, we work towards a common goal via our six key community pillars.
Our People
Wherever possible, we source sub-contractors locally. We facilitate volunteering within communities and actively encourage our staff to volunteer and support causes important to our communities.
Our National Partnerships
We work with partners at a national level who have a shared ethos around community including charities such as ALONE, the Jack & Jill Foundation and the National College of Ireland’s Early Learning Initiative educational programme. In addition, we focus on supporting organisations with grassroots programmes such as the LGFA's Gaelic4Girls programme.

Community Living

At Glenveagh, we don't just build homes - we build lasting communities