7 December 2021

Glenveagh Properties awarded A- rating for climate impact by leading international agency

Glenveagh Properties plc has been awarded an A- rating in the 2021 Climate Change Disclosure by CDP. This means Glenveagh is in the top 15% of publicly participating companies globally and one of only 17 construction companies to achieve this level in 2021.

The rating is given by CDP (www.cdp.net), a global non-profit that runs the world’s leading environmental disclosure platform. CDP drives companies and governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests.

Speaking today, David Lammers, Deputy Director Corporate Engagement, CDP Europe said:

“The scientific consensus on the need for urgent action on climate change has never been clearer. Ambition this decade will determine how well we can protect our natural resources and avoid the worst effects of global climate change. As policy and corporate stakeholders continue to develop strategies for environmental protection and a low-carbon transition, the availability of reliable and comparable data will remain of vital importance. By disclosing to CDP in 2021, Glenveagh Properties Plc has demonstrated a commitment to corporate environmental transparency and made an important contribution to an economy that works for both people and planet.”

Lorraine Fitzgerald, Head of Sustainability at Glenveagh said:

“Recognising our commitment to transparency, this result demonstrates our leadership in the industry. We’ve taken steps towards understanding and mitigating our climate impacts and are committed to working with our stakeholders to ensure we can continue delivering homes sustainably. One of the most impactful ways we do this is by providing our customers with energy rated homes of A2 or above. As we focus on decarbonising our business over the coming years, we will continue to evolve our approach and demonstrate our commitment to transparent and high-quality reporting.”