Our goal is to create the leading sustainable homebuilding platform in Ireland.

Our vision is that everyone should have the opportunity to access great-value, high-quality homes in flourishing communities across Ireland.

2021 sustainability highlights


Homes delivered with A2 Building Energy Rating (BER)

Targeting up to 50% of 2022 deliveries to have BER of A1 – the highest rating


Customer satisfaction score

Share of private customers who said they would recommend Glenveagh to a friend in 2021


CDP Score (Carbon Disclosure Rating)

Ireland’s leading homebuilder 2020: B

Group strategy objectives aligned to our sustainability pillars
Disciplined investment across target segments
• Suburban • Urban • Partnerships
Customer-centric focus
• Owner-occupiers • Partners • Institutions
Sustainably scale our delivery capability
• Low-rise and high-rise • Standardisation & Technology • Off-site construction
Drive fair returns for shareholders
• Minimise up-front land costs • Control WIP investment • Innovation

Our sustainability pillars

Our approach to sustainability is holistic and integrated. Our six sustainability priorities address the most relevant issues to our stakeholders, whilst supporting our strategic priorities. Management of each topic is integrated into “business as usual” operations through commitments, KPIs, governance, accountability, and risk management processes and structures.

Putting customers at the heart of what we do

Attracting, inspiring and investing in people

Keeping people safe

Creating sustainable homes and communities

Environmentally considerate and efficient operations

Sustainable and responsible sourcing

Annual Report & Accounts 2021

We have reported our progress towards our sustainability ambition in our 2021 annual report.

Annual Report & Accounts 2021

Sustainability in action

Our ambition is to set a new benchmark in our sector by delivering the maximum possible social benefit at the lowest possible environmental cost.

Our policies and statements

We aim to control and manage our business responsibly, and to minimise operational risk.

Our performance and disclosures

We have chosen to disclose sustainability topics and accounting methods in line with the Home Builders Sustainability Accounting Standard.

Investor contacts

Michael Rice

Chief Financial Officer

Chloe McCarthy

Group Company Secretary

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