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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

We have a clear target of building 3,000 homes each year by 2024.

We do not compromise on quality. We build homes that last, are energy efficient, and are designed for the way that people live today.

Strategic approach

We are focused on delivering strategically located housing across three distinct business segments - Suburban, Urban and Partnerships with Local Authorities and State Agencies. We capitalise on scale advantages and invest to optimise return on capital. Meeting the demand for affordable housing is one part of the story; doing so responsibly is the other. Our strategic priorities are underpinned by our sustainability agenda.

Disciplined investment across • Suburban • Urban • Partnerships

Customer-centric focus • Owner-occupiers • Partners • Institutions

Scale construction capability • Low- and high-rise • Standardisation • Off-site construction • Technology

Drive shareholder returns • Minimise up-front land costs • Control WIP investment • Innovation

Our strategic focus

Our strong delivery platform continue to support 3,000 completions per year by 2024.

Our strategic focus

Driving sustainability

Our six sustainability priorities address the most relevant issues to our stakeholders, whilst supporting our strategic priorities. Management of each topic is integrated into “business as usual” operations through commitments, KPIs, governance, accountability, and risk management processes and structures.


Health & safety




Supply chain

About us

We build high quality homes in flourishing communities.

What we do

Our goal is to create the leading sustainable homebuilding platform in Ireland.

Corporate governance

We employ a robust corporate governance framework and promote the highest standard of ethics.

Investor contacts

Michael Rice

Chief Financial Officer

Chloe McCarthy

Group Company Secretary

Media contacts

David Clerkin

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Ray Gordon

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