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What we do

What we do

Our goal is to create the leading sustainable homebuilding platform in Ireland.

Glenveagh is focused on building strategically located developments across Ireland. We achieve quality and greater accessibility to new homes by relentlessly innovating the way we plan, design and build.

Where we invest

We invest across three business segments addressing Ireland’s fundamental demand/supply imbalance.



Primarily housing with demand coming from private buyers and institutions.



Apartments to be delivered to institutions primarily in Dublin and Cork.



Currently 8 of our developments are in partnership with government, local and state authorities.

Our integrated approach to home-building
Our experience, expertise and innovative practices are brought to life across every step of our integrated approach to home-building.
Community and Land
When acquiring land we follow a rigorous evaluation process informed by customer insights, community needs, local transport infrastructure, and regional development plans.
Planning and Design
Our design approach is based on delivering high-quality, sustainable homes. Our development and unit designs are flexible, allowing us to react quickly to changes in demand.
Construction and Optimisation
Our approach to home construction is underpinned by a rigorous safety culture. We optimise for the delivery of high-quality, sustainable homes at scale by means of offsite manufacturing, centralised procurement, and sourcing local materials.
Sales and Marketing
Our sales and marketing team connect our customers with homes. They take the time to understand our customers’ needs and ensure a joyful experience for those looking to buy from Glenveagh. Market Research informs all areas of home building process.

About us

We build high quality homes in flourishing communities.

Our strategy

At Glenveagh, we are passionate about creating a positive environmental, social and economic legacy for future generations.

Corporate governance

We employ a robust corporate governance framework and promote the highest standard of ethics.

Investor contacts

Michael Rice

Chief Financial Officer

Chloe McCarthy

Group Company Secretary

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